Postman's Influence On Religion

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When you watch television, how much time do you consider that television is probably the best medium to get loads of information out to the masses? Well in chapters 7-9 of Postman 's Amusing ourselves to death, Postman explains just how much television is an influence on everyday life among the people who watch it. Whether it 's how the news condenses it 's information into small segments to ensure that the audience will get the most out of the short 20 minute show, how preachers of religions use television to shape their views in order to get the best reaction out of the audience. Or perhaps how politicians use short commercials, slander ads, and self-enhancing ads to make themselves seem as the best candidates, television is a great way to get your face out there, and to get people to follow your cause. This essay will weave all…show more content…
In chapter 8, Postman spends this part of the book explaining how religious leaders must change the way that religion is portrayed in order to serve the main purpose of television, entertainment. These leaders will not attempt to bring the viewers closer to "God" or the entity that they believe in, but will rather set up situations that will gain the attention of the audience and will get some sort of emotional response from them. These programs undermine the true purpose of religion which is to be in the moment, at the church or organization doing your best to become a better portrayal of God 's will. In television, God is portrayed as a deliverer of the hard trials of life and will give you riches and improve your overall way of life in its entirety. Postman explains that the worst thing that is happening in religion is the ego 's of the preachers on television. Postman goes on to say that they use their position to and the power of television to create an almost idolatry sense which is exactly what you are to avoid in religion. These preachers shape the way that the subject of God is portrayed and makes them feel inferior to say the
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