Postmaster Short Story

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The short story mainly deals with a postmaster who hails from Calcutta. He works in a remote village with not much of a social life as the only inhabitants there are the workers. The postmaster, who is not named in the story, misses his city life and yearns to go back. His only company is an orphan girl named Ratan, who does odd jobs for him. They share a unique relationship, as they have only each other and the postmaster shared all his feelings and thoughts with this young girl. He reminisced about his past and even tried to write poetry as he did not have much to do. His tedious workplace has just two rooms- his office and quarters. He talked about all this to Ratanand she always looked up to him. They used to talk endlessly and eventually, the postmaster would often go to sleep after a small meal prepared by Ratan, as it would’ve gotten late. Soon, he starts teaching Ratan how to read and she eagerly learns. However, one day he falls sick. The postmaster, who was very homesick decides to request for a transfer. Both of them, Ratan and the postmaster, don’t talk much, during those days as both of them are eagerly waiting for each other’s reply. She spends her time studying what she was taught and he, staring into the empty walls. Soon, he calls her to inform her that he is going away for good, as his transfer request got cancelled. On hearing this, Ratan was devastated and asks if she can go with him to his home. In response, he laughs it off and she feels extremely hurt.

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