Premillenial Is Wrong Summary

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As we come to the end of this paper, I want to deal with a summary of why Ammillenial and Postmillennial are wrong and Why I believe premillennial is the correct view of millennium on the subject of millennium.
i. Ammillenial view
This view is wrong because it emphasizes the ideal of taking prophetic literature symbolically, for instance, they hold that the dead in Christ are right now reigning with Christ meaning there are in the millennium right now. The reign of Christ is not bodily but spiritually. Henry A. Virkler observes that this view holds that “ During this time Christ rules symbolically in human hearts” . The problem with this is that it overlooks a lot of rules of interpretation. It does not take a large spectrum on the whole scripture and see what God is up to in his redemptive plan. God has been unfolding his redemptive plan from Adam and it will find it’s consummation in Christ when he reigns bodily on the throne of David as King of kings and Lord of Lords. “Ammillenial deny the promises made to the physical seed of Abraham as a race and they claim that the promised are only given to the spiritual seed and the other implication is that the physical seed have no claim to the promises because they are not part of the spiritual seed of Abraham.” . They ignore the New Testament confirmations of the Old Testament covenant promises which Jesus Christ himself confirmed such as;
i) (Matt. 19:28, Luke 22:29-30, Acts 1:6-7)
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We should interpret prophetic literature as any other literature unless context demands otherwise. ii. Postmillennial

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