Postmodern Consumerism Essay

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Postmodern consumption Nowadays are every single person a victim to the consumer-ism. Consumerism makes you happier, say psychologists . We all are consumers to every single company in the world, but is it that important? Nowadays has it been more important to be materialistic happy instead of being happy for what you got. We buy ourselves happiness. But is it the right thing? By Claes Grube Jensen, California State University ____________________________________ Consumption has become a new factor in all human life. Con-sumption makes us happy and self-confident to think that we are better than everyone else. If we have the most expensive car, the best-looking watch, and the brand-new LED TV. It has been a struggle for us to fight against…show more content…
Therefore, consumed consumer goods for their materialism and functional purposes, but for their symbolic value for the individual consumer, and thus the consumers. The postmod-ern consumers are individualistic, because they construct a personal diary of symbols, there present the consumers as unique individuals. The postmodern consumers use con-sumption to make them feeling better and helps them to get there’s recognition. The postmodern consumption has done that we have more money to make ourselves that life, we want to have. This phe-nomenon helps us to better living conditions. This will make us happier, because with more consumption include longer lives. We people wouldn’t live that long if we didn’t consume. We help our society with money to invest in research and re-sources to identify diseases as we would die off earlier in our lifetime. The postmodern consumption is a present to us. The post-modern consumers are social creatures, which engages us in a wide variety of communities. This community makes us happy and with that in mind, there are a kind of teamwork between consumption and happiness as said
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