Postmodernism In Midnight's Children

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This article is an attempt to deal with the magnum opus, Midnight’s Children, by universally acclaimed and controversial author, Salman Rushide. Midnight’s Children has been considered as an epoch-making novel in Indian English realm of literature that is why this piece of writing pertains to the gamut of postmodern literature. The paper is a sojourn throughout which the butt is to divulge the postmodern features embedded in this novel. Rushdie found his metier in this novel which is the amalgamation of fact and fantasy with a linguistic extravaganza in Indian English literature. The novel has been translated into several languages. New York Review of Books hailed it:

One of the most important books to come out of the English –speaking generation.
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The constant interactions between Saleem Sinai and Padma causing interruption in the narrative during the course of his recording his own autobiography for the convenience of his son Ahmed, with queries and objections from Padma and ratifications from Saleem Sinai, hails the postmodern technique of metafiction. The interactions between Padma and Saleem represent the interaction between the author and the critic.

Postmodernism has the faith in plurality and no purity. Nation, according to Leopold Bloom, has been defined in Ulysses:

A nation is the same people living in the same people…or also living in different places.

But post-colonial conceptions of national identity necessarily differ. Indians are different people living in the same place. Postmodernism celebrates multiplicity with regard to culture where there is no distinction between elite and popular culture. Postmodernism creates the commodious space both the cultures. We can not encapsulate Indian culture into the domain of a single culture. Therefore if we try to grasp India we are bound to entertain the diversity culture in India. In the novel Saleem relates the story regarding his grandfather by the name of Adam Aziz who was a

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