Postmodernism Essay

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The rapid development of the internet has made it far beyond the nature of media. There is a completely different concept of thinking and lifestyle from the past. In the past 21th century, the characteristic of the internet became more and more obvious while is far-reaching impact on people's life. In 2010, "Note on Metamodernism" was published by Timotheus Vermrulen and Robin van den Akker pointed out that postmodernism has gradually receded for many reasons. At the meantime, the new structure of feelings and ideas is called Metamodernism.

They argued that it was the new trend to understand in the paradigm of postmodern because they explained that this construction represents a new emotional structure in the future, especially wandering between the spirit of modernism and the detached attitude of postmodernism. It is neither a philosophy nor a movement. It's art which is a structure of feelings instead of scientific system. Besides, it was another trend which is appeared on various artworks by the uncertainty of viewer's identity and lifestyle. Over the past 7 years, the relationship between Metamodernism and network shows conspicuous as human being has been changed through the process of changing cognition and
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Network is smoke and mirrors. It does not necessarily bring people together. The massive information are created, delivered and shared to the whole world via internet, even over-dependent on the internet. There is no doubt that the theorist makes good use of online platform to interpret their theory and background into an innovative art
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