Postmodernism And Spirituality

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Spirituality is a broad concept which contains a sense of connection to something universal, to something bigger than ourselves. A spiritual experience is often described as transcendent and even sacred, and can be connected to an ultimate or immaterial reality. Spirituality allows a person to discover the essence of his or her being and the deepest values with which a person takes a place in the society. Philosophy relates spirituality more to a personal search finding a greater meaning and a purpose in the existence. Spirituality within patient care helps to address the patients’ understanding of illness or change. Spiritual perspectives provide a context wherein stress or anxieties about physical and mental functioning can be understood.
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Postmodernism is an approach to reality that is having a great effect on culture, education, healthcare, science, the study of history and people 's views. It sees the reality as a conceptual construct and result of scientific practice. Some theories of postmodernism took an additional step saying that since fiction is all we can know, humans should treat life as an abstract stage for acting. In place of realizing that reality is a construction, we can start inventing ourselves and alternative "realities," as forms of social experiments. According to postmodernism, we all create our own reality and God has nothing to do with it. Denying the absolute truth, postmodernism concentrates on feelings, emotions, and reflection. Each person develops his or her own moral values which are shaped by the culture and society, but still there is a strong emphasis on self-expression and individualism. However, it has its own negative sides as numerous rewriting of history what led to the point when no one could be sure about this or that event in the past. The postmodern philosophies can be espoused in order to develop a complete and adequate science for different disciplines as, for example, nursing. This becomes possible due to an appeal to pragmatism. Without philosophical basis there can be no substantial development of nursing

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