Postmodernism By Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis

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Postmodernism is thought to include many “theoretical movements such as poststructuralism and deconstruction… through a common emphasis on discourse and the power of language in structuring thought and experience”. Writing a poem or a story is a pretty difficult job, and sometimes it can be a struggle to find the right “words” to depict a story, and keep the reader interested at all times. By using proper nouns and action verbs a writer is able to build a clear picture of the object, person or activity, and allows the reader to “feel” and “see” what is happening very clearly. Some writers often make the mistake of relying on adverbs, adjectives and “being verbs” to portray the images in their poems, which sometimes produce meager results and disengages the reader. The poem or story comes across as being “reported” rather than “enacted” and inhibits the reader from fully experiencing it. A good author includes strong verbs in…show more content…
Her style of writing captures the real experiences of African Americans during those times, being oppressed, discriminated against, and treated as second-class citizens. Brooks appears to be one of the fine writers able to generate a vivid picture in the reader’s mind, without the need of actual images… just by using suggestive verbs in her poems. Her voice is very passionate, expressing love, anger and pride all at once. Although I enjoyed reading “the mother,” I want to talk about “We Real Cool” because I feel it is a perfect example of using verbs to create a powerful piece. “We Real Cool” is a short poem, musical and rhythmic, constructed of four stanzas, with each stanza containing two simple sentences. The way it is written, the word “we” is cut off from the sentence allowing each stanza to begin with verb. Although at first glance the poem may appear simple, it is quite the opposite in my
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