Postmodernism In The Workplace

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Postmodernism is said to be culture increasingly dominated by space and spatial logic (Smart, 1993). A cultural configuration which is constituted in and through complete relationships with a new generation of technologies which themselves are articulated with emergence of a new global economic formation (Smart, 1993). According to Bradlely (1997) cited in Thompson& McHugh (2009) “In contemporary economy, an increasing number of work have become feminized. Women have displaced men in labor market”. Most organizations & their structure bureaucracy in particular can be considered as gendered reflecting to migration of women in higher levels of occupational and professions for example women in management (Adorno,1991). During apartheid discourse…show more content…
When women were given opportunity to participate in the labour market they were still given low wages then man, feminism movement was associated with seeking equal human right and opportunities for women in economic activities. Organizations have now became flexibly people from different races are allowed to exercise their cultures in the work place for example Friday Muslims go to prayer at a certain time and organizations respect that,this is a reflection flexibility. Organizational culture plays a very important role in intergrating employees.the aim of strong cooperate culture is to form strong identification and loyalty within the man organizations objectives and values.the use of culture as management strategy . Corporate culture was put on agenda .according to Thompson & McHugh (2004) “This can be defined as a way in which management mobilize combinations of values, language, rituals and myths and is seen as the key factor in unlocking the commitment and enthusiasm of employees”. The process of globalization has a major effect in the changing world. Globalization have two main drivers which is economic institution and information technology. There is a rapid change in technology as well as knowledge therefore for organizations to be competitive in the global market they need to be familiar with new…show more content…
Fordism can be used to referring the advancement of technology in the world. Fordism refers to the system of mass production and consumption characteristic of highly developed economies during the 1940s-1960s. Under Fordism, mass consumption combined with mass production to produce sustained economic growth and widespread material advancement. “The 1970s-1990s have been a period of slower growth and increasing income inequality. During this period, the system of organization of production and consumption has, perhaps, undergone a second transformation, which when mature promises a second burst of economic growth. This new system is often referred to as the "flexible system of production" (FSP) or the "Japanese management system” (Mansfield; 1992).flexibility have been the dominant language of organization and economic change. “Flexibility within the market and between networks is facilitated by new forms of supplier relationships. This has been associated with the Japanese, derived just in time (JIT) system. This depends on a set of relations between large corporations and suppliers normally characterized by tightly controlled multiple sources through layers of subcontractors. In this system it
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