Postmodernism In Literature

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By the end of 20th century Postmodernism is a term widely used in literature and arts by the writers / artists and critics. In fact the D term is rather vague. For John Barth "Postmodernism" is a literature of i<:plenishment. For Charles Newmen, it is a literature of an inflammatory economy, for Jean Francis Lyolard, it is general condition of knowledge in the contemporary information regime; for Ihab Hassan, it is a stage in the road of spiritual unification of human kind. Terry Eagleton; Douwe Fokkema. Fredric Jameson. Henry Levin, Leslie Fiedler, Irving Howe and many others have defined and used the term ’T" tmodernism" in their own ways. There is diversity in the definition and use of postmodernism i.e. Unity in diversity and bring not only«different versions of postmodernism but also post-structuralism into a harmonious whole or as manifestations of the same basic principle.
The term postmodernism is often appl.ed to the literature and art after World War-II (1939-45). Many of the works of postmodern literature of Jorge XAs Borges, Samual Beckett, Vaidimir Nabokov, Thomas Pynchdp.
Ronald Barthes and many others ... so blend literary geners, culture and stylistic level, the serious, the playful, that they resist classification according to traditional literary lubrics.
American Professor of Literature, Ihab Hassan (b. 1925) was one of the earliest advocates of Postmodernism. In his essay Postmodernism : A Practical Bibliography (1971), he presents a list of the elements
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