Postmodernism In Modern Society

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Postmodernism, which took shape between the two world wars at the initial stage, was a Euro-American phenomenon. But in the course of time it has become a wider term to mean everything everywhere. In today’s world the term postmodernism can be used to refer not just to art and culture but more comprehensively to aspects of modern society. It refers to general human condition or society at large as much as to art or culture. Thus becomes clear that it is impossible to confine the meaning of the term under any one particular criterion. Postmodernism proclaims the collapse of these metanarratives. The postmodern man has nothing to hold and he is living in the postmodern world in a helpless condition. The so called universal foundations such a morals, justice, truth, etc., have collapse. Man is unwilling to believe them, He is having a decentered consciousness, the Ideals/ Theories which he believed so far have failed to offer him any solution. But at the same time postmodernism never refuses t0 accept the existence of truth, justice, morals, etc. But laments that there is no any foundation to form all these, There are no rules, morals and laws suitable for all periods and for all people. Pinter’s plays frequently contained awkward pauses, ambiguous or confusing language and circuitous or endlessly wandering plots. He used these techniques to present the unreliability of language which was a theme explored by post-structuralists, deconstructionists and postmodernists.Harold

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