Postmodernism In Shane Black Film 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'

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Postmodernism is a self-reflexive vehicle of modernism that explores ideologies around concepts of popular culture, high and low art, and the state of the world after the modernist movement. In this essay I will explain how postmodernism, through review and re-conceptualizing, is able to celebrate modernist ideology by using the platform modernism has set up for postmodern techniques to create meaning in narrative. I will be discussing this address through the Shane Black film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (USA, 2005). Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (USA, 2005), is a hybrid crime-comedy film that uses the film noir detective narrative style in a postmodern mode. The film reflects a number of stylistic elements portrayed in the James Bond franchise, with a fusion of witty, neo-screwball, romantic comedy features that coincide with action-thriller traits (King, 2007: 54). Postmodernism has setup four aesthetic techniques to stylistically deliver its ideologies in a mainstream mode and oppositional mode. These two modes operate in two technical sub-categories: simulations, being pastiche and parody, as well as, prefabrications: intertextuality and bricologe. Of these I will focus on pastiche, bricologe, and intertextuality. Pastiche can be understood as the intentional imitating of a previously conceived style or other works that have been done in past art. Pastiche pays homage or comments on this style of the past, generally in an admiring or celebratory fashion (Hayward, 2000). Bricolage is

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