Postmodernism: The Effects Of Poverty In Today's Society

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We were all born a world of imperfections; violence, broken homes, lack of education, unemployment, the overwhelming deficiency of basic necessities and poverty. According to Mr. Smith (2015), “People living in poverty… lack the economic resources necessary to experience a minimally sufficient standard of living… results from the 2014 official Census Bureau statistics estimate that 14.8 percent, or 46.7 million people live in poverty in the U.S.A…”
Though it comes with many great advantages; the high level of poverty which is prevalent in today’s society can be attributed to our present era of postmodernism. Dr. Walton (2015), “ Postmodern theory… seek to try to address some of the technological changes in how we reshape, how we work, how
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However, like everything else there are pros and cons and some of these new development treatments actually do more harm than good to your body, the side effects are more detrimental than the actual purpose of the drug or surgery. In addition, these drugs and surgeries can because so costly, that some hospital have a payment policy first before any treatment can be conducted. To think of the less fortunate or lower class who can afford this, with no life insurance plan or any other source of income will perish. Many poor people are dying today because they cannot afford to maintain their health or pay for medical attention; resulting, in society marginalizing of the poor people who are unable to afford their basic needs. These people need our help; and according to Dickens (1854/2010), “The poor cannot cope without…show more content…
In concluding, postmodernism can be placed within limitations. But let us also acknowledge that there’s something about the way the world is and the way we are that is wholesomely independent of our subjective values; and that is what determines how we demonstrate value on to the world with the choices we make. Dr. Burke (2015) stated, “One is constantly faced with having to make choices.” Let’s make the right choice to help reduce the level of

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