Postnatal Depression

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There are many diseases are not only have a physical pain, they have a psychological pain too. Postnatal depression is one of these illnesses. Postnatal depression is a psychological disorder which affects mothers after childbirth. Mothers with this condition may experience a fall tension and stress. Moreover, a mother with postnatal depression has as a dark shadow stuck up on her.(1) They severe a really bad days, isolation from others and probably to have a continual crying. Postnatal depression has several psychosocial and physical causes that affect mother’s life and the relationships between mother and her baby, family, and social life. There are many factors and causes which play a significant role in risking mothers mental health by…show more content…
Mothers who are suffering from postnatal depression commonly are fatigue because of the continual crying and disturbed sleep. Furthermore, mothers are isolation from the social life due to self-blame feeling, disorganized behaviors, and the confuse thinking. Mothers will have a difficulty in bonding with their babies and at some cases mothers can have thoughts about harming their babies. According to World Psychiatry Association analyze in a study of mothers who killed their children and they found not guilty,” in two U.S. states found that the perpetrators were often depressed and frequently experienced auditory hallucinations, some of a command type. Over one third of the homicides occurred during pregnancy or the postpartum year.”(4) To conclude, there are several causes of postnatal depression some of them are related to psychosocial reasons and others are related to physical reasons all of them are may elevate the risk of postnatal depression. In addition, postnatal depression has a huge affect on mother life and their relationships with others. It may be frustrating to live with someone who has postnatal depression, but it is important not to blame them for how they are feeling and avoid being
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