Postpartum Contraceptive Theory

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Discussion Findings and interpretation The current study was undertaken to investigate the effects of the addition of postpartum contraceptive counseling to the antenatal one on modern contraceptive utilization. Any type of intervention either prenatal or combined prenatal-postnatal decreased unmet postpartum contraceptive needs significantly (p<0.05). Although both Group I and Group II increased postpartum contraceptive use significantly, postpartum modern contraceptive use significantly higher in Group II. Prior contraceptive experiences of women had an effect on contraceptive method chose in only prenatal counselling group. However, the effect of the addition of postnatal counselling to antenatal one (RR:1,5; CI:0.8-2.6) on modern contraceptive…show more content…
Although prior studies have reported the effects of prenatal counseling on postpartum contraceptive use, the effect of postpartum counseling in combination with prenatal contraceptive counseling have not been explored. This study investigated the additional value of including postpartum counseling to antenatal one, therefore this search is different from the others. In addition, this is the first prospective controlled trial searching combined effect of postnatal and antenatal education on contraceptive use in…show more content…
From a clinical point of view, informative, brief communications throughout antenatal care on each examination should be provided to all pregnant women, couples should be reevaluated and supported after delivery via postpartum counselling. Unanswered questions and future research Future studies with randomized controlled trials are warranted. Conclusions. The addition of individualized postpartum counselling to antenatally educated women increased modern contraceptive use. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Acknowledgments The authors acknowledge the contribution of midwives Nural Seslikaya and Mine Akyol in data

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