Postpartum Depression Case Study Essay

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common, treatable disorder. Mrs. Smith’s interactions with the medical field and her family have been the only discussions regarding the various systems in her life. Client Vulnerabilities and Strengths Mrs. Smith has several vulnerabilities. Obviously, hormone dysregulation and the healing process after childbirth can be painful and require more time to recover than the mother expected. A newborn generally sleeps 16 to 17 hours a day but often in short blocks because the baby needs to eat approximately every 2 to 3 hours round the clock (Babycenter, 2015). This is an exhausting regimen and incredibly stressful for many new parents. Not surprisingly, sleep deprivation and exhaustion are a vulnerability as well. Finally, Mrs. Smith has set impossible expectations regarding the early days of motherhood. Several strengths can be seen as well. Mrs. Smith is an intelligent woman. She has a large, supportive, extended family and a good relationship with her husband. She is financially stable with access to healthcare and mental health treatment.…show more content…
Smith at this time. However, I will provide an overview of treatment from a hypothetical perspective. Ultimately, the problem to be addressed is Mrs. Smith’s presenting problem of postpartum depression resulting from her core belief that she is inadequate. To begin the process I would select Mrs. Smith’s inability to let Jenna play by herself in a safe environment or supervised by another family member while she attends to chores. I would select this problem because exploring and disproving any catastrophic ideas she has about letting Jenna play by herself momentarily will allow her to attend to some of the chores that she feels are contributing to her inability to be a stay at home mom. This would reduce the anxiety and stress of having to engage the baby 100% of the time, and completing chores/tasks would refute her belief that she is unable to be productive and take care of
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