Postpartum Depression Informative Speech

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Good morning everyone, and thank you all for coming to this presentation on post-partum depression. I am so glad to be here and to talk to you today. Right outside the classroom, there are snacks available for you, and a restroom on the left hand corner just in case someone wants to use it. If anyone has any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to answer them as we go along the presentation, someone may have the same question as well. My name is Carline Archille, I am a registered nurse focused in psychiatric nursing. I am going to give you all the important information you need about postpartum depression, and what can you do to help you and your newborn baby. I have given you all a handout about the three types of postpartum that a woman can have after giving birth, signs and symptoms of post partum depression, and basic treatments. I hope you find the handout is well explained and easy to read. In the meantime, if you have more questions I will be available after the presentation to answer them. I don’t want anyone to go home having one question not answered. Let’s get begin with a small summary of postpartum depression. Post partum…show more content…
Up to 80 percent of women experience baby blues. Please try not confused baby blues with postpartum depression; it is not the same thing. The baby blues usually begin around the third or fourth day after delivery and can last up to two week after giving birth. How to recognize the blues? The symptoms can be: weepiness, some timidity, over sensitive, irregular sadness, concern about little thing, and irritability. The symptoms are short-lived; most women need support, baby blues do not need treatment. But, it is important to remember if these signs do no go away after 15 days, it could be a sign of postpartum depression. At this time, you must see your doctor to explain these feelings. Any questions before we move on to postpartum
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