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PostText1: Do you need a patient registration form? Print one right now from this handy link: URL/ImageCode1: Type1: Call to action/Special offer PostText2: If you have a toddler, you worry a lot. Learn when it is a real emergency requiring medical attention at the ER: URL/ImageCode2: Type2: DIY/Helpful Advice PostText3: Did you know that, just like fingerprints are unique, so are tongue prints? Learn more fun facts here: URL/ImageCode3: Type3: Fun fact/Historical info PostText4: Sleep is that golden chain…show more content…
Learn how to stop bleeding here: URL/ImageCode7: Type7: DIY/Helpful Advice PostText8: The greatest wealth is health. -- Virgil URL/ImageCode8: Type8: Quote/Joke/Question/Survey PostText9: Urgent care is good for minor allergic reactions, sprains, strains, cuts and bruises. Come see us for minor care. URL/ImageCode9: Type9: Call to action/Special offer PostText10: It is believed that sutures, also called stitches, date back to ancient Egypt. Read more about their history: URL/ImageCode10: Type10: Fun fact/Historical info PostText11: Nosebleeds are also called epistaxis. Learn all about nosebleeds, their causes and treatment from this site: URL/ImageCode11: Type11: DIY/Helpful Advice PostText12: We also do minor aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures, such as chemical peels. Read more here: URL/ImageCode12: Type12: Business
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