Posture Is Ruining

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In both articles "Posture Affects Standing,and Not Just the Physical Kind" by Jane E Brody and "Your iPhone is Ruining Your Posture-and Your Mood"by Amy Cuddy. In these two articles, both author talk about how we are ruining our posture in life and how dangerously it affects us. Both authors make good points they show many details and example for their argument. In my opinion from these two articles i believe that Amy Cuddy gave more information and details. In the article of "Posture Affects Standing, And Not just the Physical Kind" by Jane E Brody, she speaks about how posture is ruining us emotionally and physically. When I read this article i notice that in almost every paragraph she restates her argument, I believe it 's because she wants her reader to fully understand what she 's really trying to say. In my opinion it 's a very clever way to keep the reader know what she is talking. In her articles she states "Poor posture can have ill effect that radiate throughout the body, causing back and neck pain, muscle fatigue, breathing limitations, arthritic joints, digestive problems and mood disturbance." what she means by all this is posture is affecting us in many ways we didn 't think it can. In her article she includes counter arguments for example " Although early…show more content…
In the article "Your iPhone is Ruining Your Posture- and Your Mood," by Amy Cuddy, She Directly get to her argument "SmartPhones are ruining our posture. And bad Posture doesn 't just mean a stiff neck. It can hurt us in insidious psychological ways."What she means by the quote is that, posture affects us in sneaky ways that we won 't notice it until it happens. In the article Cuddy also claims her arguments multiple times.When reading the article she claims her argument in many different ways trying to make sure the reader understand. In the article Cuddy gives many example and information. But she doesn 't really add information/ details what to do to prevent slouching and ruining
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