Potato Lab Report

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Potatoes used for making chips are stored in separate room (temperature less than the normal temperature). In that room, unwashed and unpeeled potatoes are manually put in the machine, from where they move to Destoner unit.
1. Destoner unit- wash potatoes in water.
2. Peeler unit- potatoes are peeled in this unit.
It consists of 2 parts: Peeler and Screw. 3. Trimming table- on this table, thick potatoes are manually cut into 2 using a knife.
4. Bulk hopper
5. Inclined elevator
6. Singulator- sends single potatoes (one by one) into machine.
Two slices are attached to the singulator which cut potatoes into chips.
7. Tubular
8. Slice washer shaker- chips are washed in fresh water.
9. Blancher
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The washings are filtered off into a 100 mL measuring flask; after cooling distilled water is added until the mark is reached (stock solution). In proportion to the expected chloride content aliquot part of this solution, which should preferably contain 50 mg – 100 mg NaCl, taken off, distilled water being added to obtain a quantity of approximately 100 mL. Subsequently 5 mL ferric alum solution, 20 mL 0.1 N AgNO3 solution and 5 mL – 10 mL ether or 1 mL nitrobenzene are added; titration is carried out by means of an ammonium thiocyanate solution 0.1 N, until the red colouring remains after…show more content…
Ignite with a meker burner for about 1 hour. Complete the Ignition by keeping in a muffle furnace at 500 °C to 570 °C until grey ash results. Cool and filter through whatman filter paper No. 42 or its equivalent. Wash the residue with hot water until the washings are free from chlorides as tested with silver nitrate solution and return the filter paper and residue to the dish. Keep it in an electric air oven maintained at 135 ± 2 °C for about 3 hrs. Ignite the dish again for about 30 minutes, cool and weigh. Repeat this process till the difference between two successive weighings is less than 1 mg. Note the lowest
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