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In table 1. the pH of 7 has the highest rate of O2 production being 4.41mL/min while the pH with the smallest rate of O2 production being 0.21mL/min is 4. In either direction from the pH7 the average rate is decreasing similar of that to table 2s trend. In table 2. there is a pattern from the temperature of 0.C to 100.C the average change is 2.69mL/min at 0.C then at 23.C it is at its peak being 5.5mL/min but it then decreases again at 4.4mL/min at 37.C. the trend is that in either direction of 23.C the average rate of O2 produced is decreasing. As per table 3. there is a pattern with the enzyme concentration going from 100% to 0%, at 100% the rate of O2 production is at its highest being 7.79mL/min while at 0% the rate of O2 production is at its lowest being 0mL/min. In Table 4. the substrate concentration has the same pattern as the enzyme concentration, at the highest concentration being 3% the rate of O2 production is 7.58mL/min and at the lowest…show more content…
is the results of the effect of enzyme concentration on the potato enzyme. The 100% enzyme concentration had the highest average rate of O2 production being 7.79ml/min. This is because when there is a 100% concentration there is more molecules of the catalase for the hydrogen peroxide to react with. As the concentration is being diluted, the concentration of the catalase is decreasing so the molecules are less likely to collide and react. When the enzyme is at a 0% concentration there should not be any 02 produced and this is where some errors may have occurred. At 0% enzyme concentration there was a 0.58mL/min average rate of O2 produced, there should have been a 0mL/min average rate because if there is no enzyme for the substrate to bump into then there is no reaction to occur. Some errors that could have been the cause of this where not rinsing out the test tubes properly leaving residue of the enzyme left inside or air pockets trapped in the tube may have caused the reaction or appearance of a

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