Potomac River Environmental Problems

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Rivers, specifically, the potomac river is main water systems that I have chosen to report. The potomac river surrounds multiple states including Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland is one of the largest rivers in the eastern coast of the United States.

A report from the nonprofit advocacy group American Rivers, noted what locals have said for years: “that urban development is funneling tons of polluted rainwater to the river, that chemical fertilizer and manure from farms make matters worse, and that wastewater overflowing from sewers, along with pharmaceuticals flushed down toilets, contribute to dead zones in which marine life dies and might cause fish to switch sexes. Some male fish in the river mysteriously have eggs.” (Fears, 2012) Based on this comments, I think the two main environmental problems are the threat to species and water pollution with water born viruses such as pathogen being the serious threat. “nearly a billion people around the world are exposed to waterborne pathogen pollution daily and around 1.5 million children mainly in underdeveloped countries die every year of waterborne diseases from pathogens. Pathogens enter water primarily from human and animal fecal waste due to inadequate sewage treatment.” (Dorsner, 2017) That in mind, the possibility of decrease
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The visual graphics in chapter 13 is very informative, helpful and engaging. From these figures/images in addition to the text, I now have an clear understanding of cone depression, pollution in water cycle and sewer overflow on heavy rains.

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Dorsner, K. (2017) Essentials of Environmental Science. Palo Alto: CK-12
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