Pottery In Ancient Greece

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Pottery of Ancient Greece
“Latin Visual Art Project Research”
Annie Kim
November 12, 15
4th period
Just like in a modern day, people who lived during the greek time needed cups, dishes and cutlery for their everyday life. “In Ancient Greece time period, they called the specialized craftsmen the potters who created most of the pots, or vessels” ( Pottery during
Ancient Greece time was ‘very important since they used them for storage for everything from wheat to wine’ (historylink). Greek pottery and its fragments are the major factor which helps the archeologists to use for the study of ancient Greek history and tells them the information about the time period. Pottery in Ancient Greece time period was mainly painted in two different
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Pottery made in Ancient Greece was specified by its production, shapes, and design.
“The clay (keramos) to produce pottery was readily available throughout
Greece” (Cartwright). Pottery was made on the potter’s wheel where they separated
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eu). Additional to carefully considering shapes of the pottery, potters often manage to blend some additional overall harmony of the vessels with subtle decorations.
“The durable composition of ancient Greek Pottery has allowed it to survive, intact and in pieces, for thousand years” (Ancient Greece). Because fired clay pottery is ‘highly durable and few or no Greek works in wood, textiles, or wall painting have survived’ (britannica), the decorated pottery has became the main source of information about the process of Greek artists gradually solving many problems of representing three dimensional objects and figures on a flat or curved surface.
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