Potty Train Faster Than Boys Research Paper

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Not every child learns the same way as your friend 's child or the same way as your oldest daughter or son. Girls potty train faster than boys. Every child is different in their own ways, but they have similarities that make them themselves. The reasons behind why girls potty train faster than boys is because girls mature faster than boys. Girls are ahead more than boys, one thing that most of the toddlers have in common is personality, some personalities are harder to train to use the potty. Maturity is one the biggest differences in girls and boys when potty training. Girls mature faster than boys; which leads to faster progress in many things like potty training. Parents hear from other parents that their child was so hard to train and so…show more content…
The child may not want to use the potty, but the parents have to decide when they are ready, sometimes the personality of the child will determine the parents’ decision. Personality is a similarity in girls and boys. Personality is a key factor for parents to know when they are in the process of potty training, “Knowing your child’s potty personality will customize the potty training journey from the start since it’s tailored to how your little one learns, and will also help you and your child partner together every step of the way” (Potty Training: Boys vs. Girls.,n.d.. ). Every personality is different in boys and girls, but some traits that they show during potty training will lead to years later in their personality. A test that will describe the personality of the child is another key factor for Development in potty training your toddler, “What really matters is your child’s unique development and personality. Some boys may take longer on their potty learning journey. But many girls especially bears, turtles and squirrels will take longer than boys the same age” (All About Boys: What the Experts Say About Potty Training Boys. n.d.). The bears, turtles and squirrels that they are talking about is a test that will describe the child’s personality by asking the parent a few multiple choice questions. This test helps to learn new ways that your child might be willing to learn how to use the potty and gives you, the parent, advice on better ways to train your child. Personality will explain who the child is the way that they learn and
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