Pound Lock Research Paper

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Pound Lock

A pound lock on the Keitele-Päijänne Canal at Äänekoski in Central Finland.
The root of the modern lock is the flash lock, conjointly referred to as a navigation weir or check. It originated in China and is believed to possess been used as early as 50 B.C. The flash lock was a navigable gap in an exceedingly masonry dam or weir that would be opened or closed by one woodgate. Opening the gate or sluice terribly quickly would unharness a unforeseen surge of water that was speculated to assist a vessel downstream through shallow water. This was usually terribly dangerous. Victimization the fIash lock to travel upstream was sometimes safe however very slow since the gap within the dam was used to winch or drag a vessel through.
At some purpose, what currently appears to be a really obvious improvement was created, and a second gate was added to the flash lock, therefore giving birth to the pound lock. the primary known example of a pound lock is in China in 984 A.D. SupposedIy designed by Chiao Wei-Yo on the West watercourse section of the Grand Canal close to Huai-yin, it consisted of two flash locks regarding 250 linear unit (76.2 m) apart. By raising or lowering guillotine gates at every end, water was captured or discharged. The area
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To rectify that, engineers had to place 3 giant dams across Swartara creek, a mile long dam over bog plant Creek,and therefore the water then passed to a powerhouse wherever the water was wired (using water wheels and extra steam pumps if needed) ninety five feet up, whereat it flowed four miles throughAssociate in Nursing conduit. The Morris Canal in New Jersey used Lake Hopatcong to feed its summit pound through a feeder canal. The lake was giant enough, that traffic may enter the lake from the canal. Lock 1E was east of the summit pound, and Lock 1W was west of the summit pound. The Panama Canal also uses a lake (Lake Gatun) as its summit

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