Poverty Effects Of Risk Families Essay

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HOW POVERTY AFFECTS RISK FAMILIES There are several ways in which poverty affect the lives of risk families. In addition to been stigmatized, poverty affect the way these subset of people feed; acquire education, their cognitive and behavioral abilities. 1.2 IMPACT OF POVERTY ON PRODUCTIVITY The family productivity can be described as the quality of life associated with the members which contributes to their daily activities making it enjoyable and useful. There are several indicator of the productivity in the family and some of these include their school and their personal experience, opportunities available for the members of the family, the cognitive abilities of children and their education and also the family leisure and recreation. The productivity of families will however be described in this project in terms the children cognitive development and education and the family…show more content…
A good example is when a child is born to a poor and uneducated parent; firstly, the parents might not be able to put the child through school as a result of their financial incapability also the cognitive development of the child can also be hindered as result of the parenting styles of the uneducated poor parents. A study carried out by Dahl and Lochner (2012) involves the use of the instrumental variable approach to determine the extent of the relationship between what the family earns and the development of the child. They controlled various confounding variables by inferred that the income a family earn has an independent causal link to how a child develops. Also Plug and Vivjerberg (2005) added that the family income has a significant on the outcomes of children in schools using the adoptee data. The children adopted by high income earning families usually outperform the children adopted by poor
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