Cultural Development Approach

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This chapter attempts to expatiate the theoretical foundations, discourses, and approaches which are used in this study. It begins with the elaboration of discourse in development, its foundations and debates, sustainable development and cultural dimension in development, particularly from the view of Economic Anthropology. Nevertheless, the elaboration extents to the discussion on poverty alleviation in development, including microfinance discourse: its role, glories and critics. Meanwhile, specific attention will be given to the elaboration of development approach which is based on a bottom-up approach where a cultural dimension is inevitable to be included in the development plan and policy. In this context, Indigenous knowledge…show more content…
As human well-being and community welfare encompass many factors and sectors of people and their society, development requires multidisciplinary approaches in the analyses. As defined by Allen (2000), development is a multidisciplinary, social science branch which accentuates issues concerning to developing countries. Development involves historical analyses of particular societies and places, including the discussion on various issues related to social, culture, politics, technology, and economic aspects of development. The discourse covers the development analysis in the developing and the developed countries. However, most of the development planners put their emphasis more on economic development as elaborated by Leys (2005). The work elaborates the influences of Economic Aspects of Development by Keynes and Marshall, development criticism of Gunnar Myrdal, Rostow’s Stages of Growth, dependency theory by Karl Marx to the neoliberal approach of development. Each of those approaches has its historical context of their influences. Thus, He underlined the importance of putting correct assumption in the implementation of the particular development
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