Poverty And Child Poverty

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Poverty has become an increasingly common issue and is a general worldwide problem. There is a high degree of poverty throughout Ireland. Poverty is when people are lacking their basic needs which they need to survive (Gifford, 2009). There are 698,000 people experiencing poverty in Ireland and 211,000 of whom are children (Foley, 2015). Child poverty in Ireland is a consistent problem and is one of the highest rates in Europe (O'Hagan & Newman, 2014). There are two types of poverty Absolute and Relative poverty. Absolute poverty is the deficiency of basic needs throughout a long period of time, which jeopardises an individual’s life and can cause harm to them (Geyndt, 1996). Relative poverty refers to not having the basic living conditions…show more content…
Poverty is linked to numerous issues which children can go on to encounter such as educational underachievement, welfare dependency and crime (wales, 2010). The majority of poor individuals may have very short spells of poverty. However the longer a poverty spell, the more difficult it is to get out of it and there can be more possibility of permanent social exclusion. Certain charities such as Focus Ireland and St Vincent De Paul have provided great support for families in poverty, however, this help is not enough and people still remain in poverty (Harvey,…show more content…
The cost of living in Ireland is rising at a rapid rate and more people are falling into a poverty trap (Murphy et al 2008). Ireland’s economic situation is lacking signs of major improvement. Educational improvement and the general income growth are poverty reducing influences, however, inequality is the biggest increasing poverty issue. The Government has failed to defend the more susceptible in society. A double attack on unemployment and persistent cuts has pushed people, families and communities towards poverty. The government needs to implement more policies for people in poverty as they need to approach this issue instead of overlooking these problems. Support payments from the government, such as social welfare payments has decreased the level of poverty in Ireland, however the current budget cutbacks of child benefit have caused a massive rise of child poverty in Ireland. Generally, individuals that encounter poverty are depending on social welfare payments from the government (Shepard, 2012). Poverty is mainly the significance of how society is planned and resources which are assigned. The ideas of how to eliminate poverty are political decisions of society. The persistent increased level of poverty throughout Ireland implies that it is crucial, how society is planned and resources which are assigned such as access to education, housing, economic, social and cultural services.

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