Poverty And Corruption In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a country located in Southern Africa. Its capital city is Harare. According to the Worldometers, there are roughly 16 million people living in that country. Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe since 1987 until now. Mr Mugabe is the oldest and one of the longest serving leader of a country. However, he was criticized for being a dictator who is responsible for the country’s economy recessions, inflation and the widespread corruption.
Base on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, Zimbabwe is considered as one of the most corrupt nations in the world which ranked 150rd out of 176 countries. Even though the government has enacted the Prevention of Corruption Act to prohibit the active and passive bribery in both public and private sectors, but such habits are common and prevail in the society.
Due to the widespread corruption, the economy of Zimbabwe has declined significantly which result in increasing the poverty and the unemployment rate. However, it is crucial to stress that Zimbabwe is not just a country which only experiencing a normal recession during the global economic crisis. On the contrary, it is a country with severe market inefficiencies which result in a critical economic depression for the past 10 years. http://africaecon.org/index.php/exclusives/read_exclusive/1/2
The existence of rampant corruption in Zimbabwe has led some people to suggest that Zimbabwean are corrupt by nature. This is not true because there is

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