Poverty And Education In Mississippi

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Education in poverty-stricken areas is a luxury that many people do not receive and has always been a fight from the beginning of Mississippi’s historical roots. The battle for adequate education began over the issue of segregation and continues to hinder teens’ ability to learn. One of the reasons that education is unsatisfactory in many parts of Mississippi is because education and poverty are interrelated. Poverty has a negative impact on the student’s achievements and academic success and puts them at disadvantages for their futures. Although Mississippi is notorious for its major issues, the correlation of poverty and education have persisted as some of the most pressing issues that require immediate attention. Due to the struggling …show more content…

Author Richard Grant describes these situations as “a problem from hell” when visiting some of the most rural and poor places in Mississippi. Education is a major obstacle that many students encounter when struggling to escape from Mississippi’s never-ending problems. As a result, the Delta has a consistently high rate of high school dropouts or failures. In addition to deficient school systems, “ The South is home to the most children living below 50% of the poverty line” which supports the idea that children living in unstable environments are enveloped with poverty (Hughes). The Delta has developed into an underprivileged community where “24% of Southern students attended school in districts in which extreme child poverty rates dipped below 5%” (Hughes). Over half the public schools in the south are poor and are overwhelmed by the consequences of poverty. While the program itself can deem quite expensive, the long-term effects make it worth the investment. Education in Mississippi is suffering due to the lack of government support and community …show more content…

One of the reason’s the Delta’s economy is struggling is because it is based on agriculture. Despite it having some of the “most fertile farmland in the world,” problems arise when the climate interferes with growth production causing a decrease in the economy (Whayne 1). Because farming is such a dominating field, the amount of other job opportunities available is scarce. These factors help contribute to the sagging economy that is most commonly associated with Mississippi. Ultimately, the failure of the Delta to diversify has caused people to find themselves trapped in a never-ending turmoil between poor education and indigence. Poverty and education share a relationship with one another and in order to fix the problems associated with poverty the problems with education must first be addressed. Another way that economical factors play a role in education is the cost of college. Due to the high expenses that come with college, many families cannot afford to send their children to universities. This means students have to apply for loans, which can take years to pay off. By reducing the cost of tuition more students would be able to go to college. This would not only help them get degrees but also help them establish their future. While education prices are tremendously high, there is a solution: online education.

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