Poverty And Inequality Essay

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Inefficient policies all around the world and especially in our country are contributing to problems in the society. And the biggest problem which the world faces today is the problem of “Poverty” and “Inequality”. It is hard for one to determine whether poverty causes inequality or is it the other way around because both these problems are interrelated. Poverty is something which is caused due to transferring wealth in to the hands of a specific group and the unjust policies of the government. And inequality is discriminating a person in all spheres of life which gives a rise to sense of deprivation. Again the responsibility shifts to the government, if a government is economically instable then it is hard for it to make and implement policies which will benefit the people. By far the biggest factor responsible for poverty after government’s policy is the problem of unemployment. Unemployment further worsens the living style of the people and they become economically deprived due to which they are unable to cope with the advancing living standards. Access to quality education also causes poverty because without education any person in the world cannot gain access to a good job and that a person has to work on low…show more content…
Regionalism will spread and killings would be common. This can be already felt throughout the world where minority groups are discriminated. Migration will be common over burdening limited resources and this can be seen as many European countries are hesitant to accept Syrian refugees. Inequality of all spheres of life to further unrest and with poverty combined these could be a twin menace for the world. Civil wars may be inevitable. Pakistan is in serious danger because these problems are common here and with our internal and external enemies waiting to pound, the volcano can burst open any time causing the people and economy to suffer

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