Poverty And Inequality

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What is poverty and inequality? Poverty and Inequality is a disease of nation in which it strips people from their freedom and human rights. It strips people from the right to have an education, a home and clean water to drink. It discriminates, humilates and abuse helpless individuals who cannot fight for themselves. In my essay, I will be introducing the three main attributions into poverty and inequality.

Global Perspective: infrastructure The extensive lack of infrastructure such as hospitals, schools which enables people to attend schools and receive proper educations, not to mention the lack of basic infrastructure such as access roads, water and sanitation is dissapointing potential invesment in the advancement of rural
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This is according to a survery conducted by WaterAid on women living across five slums in Lagos, Nigeria, as the World Commemorates World Toilet Day. It has been found that 297 million African women and girls dearth adequate sanitaton and out of those 107 million don't have a toilet at all. The survery also shows that 1 in 5 African women has been verbally harassed and intimidated or has been vulnerably threatened or physically assaulted in the last year going to the toilet. It says every day, over 1000 African mother suffer the loss of a child to diarrhoel diseases caused by a inadequancy of competent sanitation and clean water. 13,434 deaths were d to unsafe sanitation which also accounted for 2.6% of all deaths in South Africa in 2000. Having ineffectual and Incompetent access to safe water and/or sanitation services, synced with poorly skilled hygiene habitd, diminishes and disturbs thousands of children every day, which margins towards and edges society to approach to impoverishment and minimizes convinient opportunities for thousands more. In terms of both water and sanitation, Africa is far behind other areas of the world: across the continent, 327 million people lack access to safe drinking water while 565 million lack access to sanitation – 210 million more than in 1990. It has been predicted that at current amount of…show more content…
However, South Africa have a high cost and low performance system in which students are paying for more than what they are receiving. There are minimal proper teachers scattered and the rest are unqualified. A lack of classroom discipline is also a major issue in South Africa due to insuffiecient classroom equipments and access to appropriate books. All of this has lead to a colossal destruction and amongst the reputation of education is South Africa packaged with negative and concerning perspectives of the teaching craft. South Africa is losing a warning amount of teachers per year with the statistic of 23, 000 teachers and replacement couting from 3,000 to
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