What Are The Causes Of Poverty And Inequality

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Akshat Poddar
Fountainhead School
Global perspective Individual Report 1

Global Perspective Individual Report 1

Name:Akshat Poddar

Candidate number:

Center Number:IN758

Topic: Poverty and Inequality

Research Question: Why poor people don 't get equal opportunities?

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What provoke me to take this topic?
What is poverty all about?
How is poverty affecting the society?
What are the causes of poverty?
What are the effects of poverty?
What I have learned from the report?


Since childhood I was raised in well to do family we lived near the slums. I was
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Water and food related diseases that occur simply because the poor cannot afford “safe” foods.
Ultimately, poverty is a major cause of social tensions and threatens to divide a nation because of income inequality. This occurs when the wealth of a country is poorly distributed among its citizens—when a tiny minority has a majority of the money. Wealthy or developed countries maintain stability because of the presence of a middle class. However, even Western countries are gradually losing their middle class. As a result there has been an increased number of riots and clashes. For society, poverty is a very dangerous factor that can destabilize an entire country. The Arab Spring is a great example of how revolts can start because of few job opportunities and high poverty levels. WHAT ARE CAUSES OF POVERTY?
There are three main category of causes of poverty are:Direct causes Primary causes

Direct cause of poverty are: Landlessness:Landlessness means people don’t have land to built their home and live over there.It specifies that there is lack of land people don’t get place to
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Families may not be able to afford the necessary clothing or school supplies. Others may not have a way for their children to get to school. Whatever the reason, there is a clear correlation between families living in poverty and their lack of education. Without the ability to attend school, many people go through life illiterate.
I took an questionaire from people working in my shops and different poor people working in my house and this is the result I got.I took the survey from exactly 50 people.It includes my family memmbers also.

Question 1 Do you think poverty is a problem?
Question 2 Do you suffer from any problems in getting your daily needs?
Question 3 Do you think rich people are getting more rich and poor are getting more poor?
Question 4 Do you say that there only some major effects of poverty?
Question 5 Are the laws made by government to remove poverty are affecting the citizens?

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