Poverty And Overpopulation In China

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China is currently a highly developing nation, the technological advantages and novelties of the Chinese impact the whole globe. It population structure is similar to level 3 demographic transition, although the birth rate is decreasing due to the incentive of the government who had implied the one-child policy. The nation is strong and has a large workforce, even though the poverty in rural areas is still quite high the government is constantly fitting the issues with both poverty and overpopulation. The amount of youthful population doesn’t allow to observe a decline in population in China in 2016, although it is predicted that after 2030 the population of China will start to decline unless the one-child policy is cancelled. Even though the one-child policy has certain benefits thus solves the problem with overpopulation, on the other hand the cultural preferences of the nation is making it hard especially for women. Since the preference of boys is large in comparison to girls there have been issues with abortions and murders of infant and children that were girls.

The one-child policy has brought inequality into the gender. Thus there a drastically more men than women and thus men have a problem with marrying and are desperate to find a women thus there a higher risk of kidnapping and rape because of how men are desperate to find a women. This is why population structure of China is frightening the nation, as there is a possibility for
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