Poverty And Poverty Essay

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In this paper I tried to argue that how growth does not lead to proper reduction of poverty. There are other factors also which helps us to understand poverty broadly. Among the factors I have talked about inequality and its relation with poverty.
First part of the paper tries to give an overview of how to measure poverty and define it. It also talks about importance of considering all factors in determining the poverty line. Second part of the article talks about the relation between inequality and poverty. This part also looks on individual sate role leading to effective reduction of poverty and bridging the gap between the poor and rich.


Poverty is a social problem. Since nineteenth century researchers are trying to find the solution to poverty. Three critical questions had been put forward in order to obtain the solution, ‘What is poverty’? ‘What is the extent of poverty’? And ‘What are the causes of poverty’? (Haralambos & Heald, 2002). In order to define and measure poverty, researchers have tried to construct a fixed yardstick. Three broad concepts had been established to measure poverty - Absolute poverty, Relative poverty and Subjective poverty. Before defining these three concepts, the question which puzzles while understanding the whole notion of poverty is that, whether a particular universal measure will be appropriate to define and measure poverty or different measures should be framed according to a particular place or

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