Poverty And Poverty

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According to the (Oxford English Dictionary, 1971). The state of being poor. It becomes highly impossible for an individual to see life in a different perspective if their living under the circumstances of being poor and not having food eat when they are hungry, this fact has touched many part of the African continent which is considered to be a developing country and not having resources that can be useful for people to use in order for them to be able to produce their own food. The ongoing fights of the countries that are fighting against each other for their own reasons, have a huge impact in lack of infrastructure, loss of lives of many people who are often the bread winners of their homes which could disturb the families in different ways but most importantly not having anything to eat, which will lead could lead to poverty. People should promote the spirit of unity, helping one another so that we do not see one another suffer while we have something to offer as help instead of throwing away food that could be of most important to the next person who is in need. Christians believe that a person is a multidimensional, a person should love the next person like they love themselves. An individual should assist the next person who is in need so that they could not go to bed in an empty stomach and this can be the most effective way that poverty alleviation can be seen and nations could also develop into being better and better nations that are able

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