Poverty And Poverty In Africa

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. Introduction
Globally, Malaria remains to be a major problem causing an unacceptable toll on the health and economic welfare of world’s poorest communities. There are some evidences that shows malaria and poverty are intimately connected and currently given as a cause of poverty in poor malarious countries. World Health Organization report has shown that the disease is estimated to be responsible for an estimated average annual reduction of 1.3% in economic growth for those countries with the highest burden (1, 2).Africa has the greatest burden of malaria cases and deaths in the world. In 2000, malaria was the principal cause of (around 18%) deaths among children under 5 years of age in sub Saharan Africa. Malaria is also a significant indirect cause of death; malaria related maternal anemia in pregnancy, low birth weight and premature delivery are estimated to cause 75,000-200,000 infant deaths per year in Africa South of the Sahara (1, 2). Despite the highest magnitude of this devastating disease, most countries did not start implementing program to provide access to the tools and strategies recommended by Roll Back Malaria until 2000. In many countries in Africa where the burden of malaria is greatest, scaling up access to treatment and prevention began even more recently. Globally, it is agreed to reduce the burden of malaria by half by the year 2010 and again by half by2015 (1). To achieve the millennium development goal, the core technical strategies

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