Poverty And Poverty

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Any reduction of poverty based on a flawed system of measuring poverty is meaningless. An engrossed with distribution of income that’s reflect the way government thinks about the poverty. Many of the people think about poverty because of insufficient necessities of life which people want to peruse, but government defines poverty in its own terms. 1. If you live below the poverty line then any how you people can’t afford luxurious life which they want to live, as most of the people live. 2. These kind of measurement make confuse that people who can eat his two days meal is not poor but if he can’t afford to live luxurious life is poor, our government had given a contradicted statement by measuring poverty line with ludicrous life. The main target of the first millennium development is to divide into two parts for extreme poverty which has been mentioned in terms of per citizen wealth in relying upon who lives in below the poverty line of $1.25 per day, by these measures it has been proved that according a global minimizing of income poverty which indicates the goal has already been met. Therefore, new report from the (ADB) in Asia itself it is deficient to capture poverty how widely it may use but there should be three more factors should be forced 1. Prices of the food which people take for their livelihood which can rise any time but now days the prices of food are on top people who are below the poverty line they are not able to have their one time meal. There are

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