Poverty And The Role Of Poverty In Kenya

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Extreme poverty remains a big challenge to the growth of any economy. As a Kenyan, I am saddened by the fact that today we still have approximately 42% of our people living below the poverty line, yet the rich continue to become richer.

Poverty in Kenya is especially evident in the rural setup of the country where you cannot help but notice poor infrastructure and fewer job opportunities. As a result, many people from these areas continue to migrate to the urban areas in search for a better life and opportunities.

While the rural urban migration may seem as the logical choice for many people, it has come with numerous disastrous effects to our economy such as the following:

• Our city’s resources like water and electricity are being depleted as an increased number of people are competing for the same services and resources.
• Jobs are becoming scarce leading to an increase in crime levels within the city.
• Our city’s infrastructure including roads, transport services etc. are unable to support the increased population. Furthermore, a lot of funding is being used to maintain this infrastructure rather than setting up new ones.
• An increase in population has led to environmental degradation as forests and other reserves are being destroyed to provide housing solutions.

Furthermore, the rural areas are also faced with their own challenges. As people continue to migrate to the urban area, the

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