Poverty And Wealth In The Outsiders

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You have the poor and the rich; two totally different views on life. One living with all the money in the world, yet not a single worry, while the other has little money, yet all the struggles. “Poverty and Wealth” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox demonstrates the life of a poor son and a wealthy one. In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, there are similar themes since the Greasers are portrayed as poor and Socs are represented as wealthy. “Poverty and wealth” the poem has themarical similarities with The Outsiders. A common theme in life and the two writing pieces is that rich people think highly of themselves because they have more physical items. In the poem the rich son has more money and therefore thinks he is better. This son buys himself a wife, position, name, and place. He essentially buys his way up the social class. From this he is “proud with the pride of a millionaire.” So far in the poem, money has bought him happiness. In The Outsiders, the higher and richer social class, Socs, beat up the Greasers because they have the…show more content…
The son of the laborer saw the greater value of things in his life. Completely loved his wife in his youthful prime time. Throughout his wants were simple therefore he saw the greater value of items. After he was satisfied god let him go calmly and completed. Ponyboy Curtis is the main character in The Outsiders; he is a greaser and has a poor household as well. Ponyboy walks everywhere since he does not have a car, although, he enjoys walking. When he walks he thinks, his older brother says that Ponyboy doesn 't use his head, but Ponyboy is very smart in school therefore uses his head often. Ponyboy values being able to walk alone because he can get a break from the commotion of his brothers and he can think about his problems. Both the son in the poem and Ponyboy value very common things more than others; they have less so values go
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