Poverty Around The World Essay

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Poverty Around The World
What is the poverty? Some people consider themselves to be poor not being able to buy a bigger house or a more expensive car, but there are some people out there cannot even afford to buy some groceries for their children. According to The World Bank Organization, poverty is hunger, a lack of shelter, being sick and not being able to see a doctor, not having the access to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job, in fear for future, living one day at a time. (What is Poverty?) In general, poverty has been a constant problem throughout history. No matter what the income people have or unemployment level is, there will always be people who are struggling for money.
There are many people in poverty
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Once people realize what is going on in the worl around us is when we can start trying to find solutions to reduce the problem. It is not one of those things that you can just get rid of in the snap of a finger but over time and by an effort from everybody poverty can be reduced. Once everybody notices what is going on there are some steps to reducing the problem. The first one is creating good jobs for people. When people have a job and an income they can get out of poverty in time. The second one is raising wages, there are millions of people out there barely surviving on minimum wage and still somehow raising a family. With the minimum wages raised people can use that money to help their family get out of poverty. The third one is gender equality, when women have the same education and job opportunities as men do they can make more money and help their families out tremendously. And lastly giving countries clean water to where they live so they can stay hydrated and stay healthy. There are many more ways of getting people out of poverty, people just have to be willing to help the people in developing
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