Poverty Maria Pacheco Summary

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There are many ways people interpret death. In "Poverty" by Maria Pacheco, Death is a physical being that comes to visit those whose time has come. It is not only death who has a physical being it is also poverty itself. Death is portaited as a being whose goal is to gather people who need to pass on, a being who is always busy and never stops working and he is someone who is trapped and used for another 's advantage. Death is something known by all people and is always shown in varius ways, but the main goal that people understand is that death is something that takes people away to an afterlife. They stop living and pass from one world to another. In the story the Lord of Death comes to see Poverty: " 'It is time for you to come with me, old woman Poverty. That is why I have come for you '" (50). Death comes to bring Poverty to the afterlife because it is her time to go. She is relunctand to go and treis to stall him from taking her; "She thought quickly how she might rid herself of Death and said to him: 'I will go with you, but…show more content…
A person dies everyday of the week at anytime. Death is constantly working and never has time for a vacation, a reason for this is because of Poverty: " 'Old woman Poverty, because you did not let me down out of the tree, I have so much work that I am unable to take you away today. I will see you another day. ' The Lord of Death left, and Poverty remained in the world" (50). When Poverty left Death in the tree nobody could die and his job got backed up. Death had to leave her alone and go get all the other people who were suffering before he came back to her. "Many years passed, and Death could not get to anyone, even if someone fell ill" (50). Death was very busy after that incident and still is. A job that requires constant activity can be very tiring, but there can also be challenges that comes with it. Like being taken advantage of or being forced to do something that is not
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