Poverty Causes Ill-Health

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Over the past decade, poverty has been an issue that affects communities but, have we asked ourselves what poverty means? According to World Health Organization approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty (less than one dollar per day). In fact, the poverty forms in many patterns or disappears behind lots causes; however, it is difficult to restrict the poverty in single definition especially when it associated with the health. On the other hand, poverty is influenced by financial, economic, political and social factors which contribute interchangeably to raise the poverty lines in some countries. Therefore, poverty causes ill-health because it forces some people to live in the worst environments and conditions and…show more content…
Unfortunately, millions die each year from these deadly diseases. However, infectious diseases were defined by WHO as "Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi; the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases of animals that can cause disease when transmitted to humans". In fact, poverty cannot be described only through low income but, because of there is no government intervention that helps to reduce these infections. Also, some diseases are uncontrollable, leading to higher mortality rates. For those who live in tropical regions, they are most likely to be affected by malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, which are rooted in neglected tropical diseases. On other hands, most of these infections threaten societies globally such as malaria which puts people at risk. In fact," malaria deaths reached 445 000 in 2016, a similar number (446 000) to 2015". (WHO,2016). In addition, malaria is transmitted by female mosquitoes, when mosquitoes bite the human that happens, and they lay their eggs in the water because there is no choice, people just drink and wash from unclean water. Most of the people suffer from its symptoms until they die, due to many reasons such as lack of healthcare services, money, and housing. Women and children are the most common victims of malaria, affecting women through pregnancy and causing serious side effects on the child. Moreover, if they had the support, they would not have died that way. Despite, that all happen due to the climate and environmental implications but, if they are treated well by government, they would be alive a little more. For this reason, poverty is the fertile land of these infectious

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