Poverty During Pregnancy Rhetorical Analysis

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Having a baby can be very expensive, all the clothes, diapers, milk or formulas. Some girls have babies and are not financially ready. Women who are denied abortions are more likely to become unemployed and depend on public welfare. In the article Poverty during Pregnancy, it claims “Depending on how one defines poverty, between 50,000 and 100,000 children are born into poverty each year in Canada” (Charles Larson). If someone knows they can not support a child financially, they would rather not bring them into this world and watch them suffer. The amount of babies that are delivered to a family who can not support them is increasing. Not only do the parents need to buy them food, clothes, shoes, but the diapers as well, but sometimes their…show more content…
Right away the statement points out that the mothers are beggars and the author is thinking about strategies or ways they can make the child beneficial for the mothers, since the infants are so hard to support for some who are unfortunate. Throughout the reading, Jonathan Swift gives out crazy ideas about the topic of many children being born into families who in a way can not support them. In the article “Financial Problems Of Teenage Pregnancy” it claims “Teenage parents face a lot of problems from parenting to finances, especially because the teenager hasn’t even started earning when the baby is born. The problems that teenagers face are many, though they can be overcome with commitment, support and dedication” (Bhadra Kamalasanan). The parents struggle financially because most of the time they have not started working and even committed to a career. Some, especially young, have no income to begin with, they are most likely still depending on their parents for
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