Poverty Elimination Assignment

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IDP 2017 Spring Professor Ippei Nishida SDG Topic Final Paper Assignment 14z1005 Ekisho Chin Topic: Poverty Elimination Foreword One of the SDGs is to end the poverty in all its forms by 2030. Out of all 17 goals, this is being listed in the first position. As I proceed to the research with this topic, I gradually realized that this issue can be the root cause for other issues such as hunger, good health and well-being, unequal access to the education, and even the war for instance in the Middle East: I will talk about this in the next chapter “Poverty from a Deeper Level.” According to the UN report in 2015, there are 836 million people still live in absolute poverty to fulfill the most basic needs. That means 14 percent of the world population are still living in extreme poverty. World Bank defines that people with less than 1.25 US dollars per day as living in “absolute poverty.” Majority of people living in extreme poverty are highly concentrated in developing regions such as Southern-Asia and sub-Saharan-Africa. They account for 70 percent of the total population who can be classified as “absolute poverty.” I focused on the poverty issue in developed countries this time particularly the case with Japan to know that it is not only the case with developing countries often with small-scaled government, fragile, and conflicted-affected environment but also the case with the world’s richest countries like Japan. Child poverty issue is also a huge topic to
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