Poverty In Africa

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Poverty Issue in Africa "The world today has become an island rich surrounded by seas of the poor" using these few words in number but deeply meaningful the President of South Africa, "Mbeki" has described in the Earth Summit in Johannesburg poverty dilemma that increasing day after day. Because of this issue, there are a lot of questions that people may ask themselves about it. The questions are, whether the status of poor people around the world has reached that risky level? What are the underlying causes of this dilemma? Do the rich people around the world do enough effort to treat this dilemma? Are there unseen outcomes of this phenomenon? What are the consequences of poverty? Despite the advance made by humanity in diverse fields, and despite taking a lot of the liberality of the planet, which the experts unanimously that it 's enough to extend benevolence for the six billion people who live on it, even if it had been distributed to the minimum of justice. There is no doubt that poverty has become one of the most important real threats to economic, security, and social stability in the world. In Africa the issue of poverty still the issue that occupies the forefront of all issues of concern to peoples who still racked by the brunt. The word “Poverty” holds different meanings according to different visions of researchers, some people define it as financial, others as social and some others as cultural, therefore Poverty is a complex phenomenon that combines within its

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