Poverty In Africa

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1. Introduction
Poverty is at our own back door. The most extreme poverty is in Africa and affects Southern Africa directly. This essay will critically discuss and analyze the challenges facing developing countries and particularly Africa in rural development by looking at the following challenges…
2. What is poverty.
The meaning of poverty has changed over the years and differs between countries. Things that we take for granted are the dreams of people who just can 't afford. Poverty is when people don’t have enough. Poverty is not having the basic funds to live a normal life. it is truly unfortunate that there are so many people on our continent that struggle with this on a daily basis. Poverty contributes to famine due to the lack of funds that a home acquires each month for example , one of the African countries that are affected by poverty is Congo. It has been documented that in the last ten years more than a third of preschool aged children suffer from malnutrition. Due to malnutrition it affects the children 's brain development and creates a domino effect which then affects their ability to learn.
Poverty is all the extreme bad situation but it is also not being able to do the simple things in life. for example , is to send your child to school, to school field trips or even to a kids birthday party, not being able to pay for medication when a family member has an illness. Poverty is a very unpleasant situation for people as they are unable to consider these

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