Poverty In America Documentary Analysis

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This documentary film explores the poverty issue in America. They follow three families who are struggling with financial difficulty due to the down fall of the economy. They interview the kids from each family while allowing them to freely express their feelings about being poor. These families do not come from the infamous welfare system. They are the victims of the market crash that led to the economic recession that started in late 2000’s. They explain how their parents became jobless or struggled to maintain and find new jobs. How they lost their homes due to being unable to pay for rent or the mortgage. All of their possessions were confiscated from the storage location due to unpaid rent. They share their tragedy to overcome the hunger and the frustrations of being poor. They also share their thoughts and dreams about the future. They all wish to have a steady job one day where they can make enough money and not live in poverty like their parents. All of them know that the only way they can escape from living in poverty is through education. They talk about maintaining good grades in order for them to go to college and pursue their future dreams. This documentary is quite effective due to a couple of reasons. First, they documented only three different types…show more content…
They allow the audience to form their own opinions on the story where they focus on the kids. In addition, they provide the statistical facts regarding to the severity of poverty. Lastly, they ended with a director’s note, these life experiences greatly impact the children’s futures; whether positive or negative outcomes, we do not know. This documentary pulled heart strings, I feel for these children. How can you not, at their young age they have already experienced hardship. As a result, I attempted to look up these kids in hopes that they would have risen from their current situation “what’ happened to Brittany, Jonny and
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