Poverty In Angela's Ashes

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Poverty is always a problem that existed in every nation since from long time ago and so no exception for Ireland. Because of poverty, people from lower class are often forced to do something that against their willingness by it. Some of them need to beg on their knees for the food on the street to make them through the day; some of them go to the public assistant services for help, at the same time, endure the mock and the sarcastic attitude from the rich or officers. McCourt Frank is one of the people that comes from the bottom of society and in his books-Angela’s Ashes-he shows the experiences of young Frankie and his family as they try against all odds to escape the poverty in Limerick. The scenes in the book depict how did people in Ireland…show more content…
At the same time, Frank found out they are not the only one who worry about the food. Angelas either. While Frank is pushing Alphic in his pram in the street, he saw Angela is standing outside the priest’ house and “...begging,. This is worse than the dole, the St.Vincent de Paul Society, the Dispensary. It’s the worst kind of shame, almost as bad ad begging on the streets where the tinkers hold up their scabby children. Give up a penny for the poor child, mister, the poor child is hungry, missus(250).” The feeling that Frank has at that time, I bet Angela has the same feeling either. However, she doesn’t mind to use her dignity to exchange a meal for her children. As a mother, Angela is doing her best to get the basic needs for her children. Even though the process of getting that meal is disgraceful, she choose to hide this ugly truth for her children and hold up the shameful feeling in her heart. Angela’s begging behavior may looks like she is forced by poverty, nonetheless, that’s not the only reason. With the heart of a mother, Angela loves her kids. So she doesn’t mind to sacrifices her dignity when the time she knows the family need
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