Poverty In Bangladesh Essay

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Poverty is a stable companion of a large portion of the generalpopulation of Bangladesh because of some particular explanations behind which the rich are ending up richer and the poor are getting to be normally poorer.Bangladesh in the past known and East Pakistan won its freedom on December 16, 1971 after a long bloodshed and intense fight against Pakistan. Bangladesh is a poor developing country. Our country’s economy by incomparable poverty and resulting delinquencies high level of unemployment, low level of labor productivity, malnutrition, illiteracy, high capital scarcity and many more. In our country where more than fifty percent population live below poverty line and more then seventy five percent of them do not know how to write their…show more content…
If an individual is in short of any of the needs, he or she will fall under the curtain of poverty. We can say that poverty means the people living under poverty line. In another sense, poverty means the state of being poor. The most common measure of poverty is the number of households below poverty line where poverty line is calculated on the basis of the level of expenditure required attaining minimum calorie requirement. The poor people are in lack of education, shelter, food, cloth, security and income earnings. Most of all, they are under poverty line. Poverty is their constant companion.We face three mainproblem economically, politically and environmentally. The economy of Bangladesh is mostlyagricultural. But scientific method of cultivation is not yet familiarized. Instead, the cultivable lands are decreasing due to river destruction and new building construction.So, our agricultural sector is in the face of threat which is a negative effect in our economy. Political variability is another cause of Poverty. Since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, political instability and corruption were increasing monotonically which are the major causes of poverty. But it is a matter of great pleasure that the present government is trying best to remove corruption. Environmentally there is a widespread forest destruction and environmental poverty, which causes natural disaster. So, the government itself can’t remove poverty from the society. Because maximum people’s support is

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